Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

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Nowadays, electricity isn’t a luxury that Florida homes can afford to go without. Refrigerators, lighting, internet, security systems, and air conditioning are just a few of the modern necessities that we’ve grown used to in our houses. When a long-term or temporary power outage hits, how long will you feel safe and comfortable going without an electrical solution?

With a whole-house generator from Generac, you won’t have to face any interruptions to your day-to-day life. Keep your entire home up and running during storms and extended power outages so you can feel safe, secure, and protected around the clock. With professional generator installations from Stingray Electric, you’ll have reliable power delivered right to your home – no extension cord necessary.

Automatic Backup Power
Have your power needs taken care of automatically with a new generator that kicks on whenever it’s needed. Generac generators never require homeowners to start or stop them, meaning that you get seamless backup power as soon as there’s an outage.
No More Refueling
Our whole-house generators don’t require you to run to the shed or the station for a gas can when you see stormy skies. Generac generators use the natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply at your home to run, so there’s no extra work when you need power.
Certified Generac Dealer

As the leading brand for domestic backup generators, Generac provides only the best to its customers. Stingray Electric is a Certified Dealer for Generac Whole Home Standby Generator Systems, bringing exceptional generator installation services to all of Brevard. As a certified dealer, we have official training, certification, and resources to make sure your installation is done right from start to finish.

Stingray Electric: Home Backup Equipment

Don’t get stuck without essential appliances, systems, and connections during the next hurricane. Contact Stingrays Electric in Melbourne to have your Generac generator installed and make sure your home is powered around the clock. We also offer a full range of electrical services for every home and business in the county, including repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for panels, lighting, conduit, industrial controls, transformers, and more.

Unparalleled Service
At Stingray Electric, we bring unparalleled service to every project. Your home's electricity is essential for a fully functioning home, and a reliable generator supplies power when you need it most. Stingray ensures that you get a generator you can trust from a company that you love by showing up on time, providing the best customer service, and being upfront and honest about pricing.
Licensed & Insured
We are a full-service electrical contractor that is licensed and insured for every job so that we can provide top-quality and safe electrical work for your space. All of our projects, from maintenance to installations, are conducted by professional technicians and a master electrician with over 15 years of experience.

State License: EC13010547

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We use the highest-quality parts and best-rated equipment when installing generators for your home and appliances. Exceptional service means happy customers every time. We won't leave the job until you're satisfied, whether we're hardwiring generators or replacing a light fixture. If you're tired of getting stuck at home during every power outage, your search is over!
Let's Talk Generators

Stingray Electric is proud to be an authorized Generac dealer for permanent home backup generators powered by natural gas or LP fuel. Get comfort and convenience with generators designed to back up your entire home and essential items without any downtime. Make sure your security system, fridge, AC, and more are available to your family no matter how bad the weather is outside. Talk to Stingray Electric today about which generator is right for your house.

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Ready to get your home equipped with America’s best backup generator? We’re bringing the best to Brevard County as a Certified Dealer for Generac Whole Home Standby Generator Systems. Talk to Stingray Electric today about the best option for powering your space through storms, outages, and more!

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